Top IT Skills That Are Going To Be In Demand In 2021

Covid19 pandemic has brought a big change in the business scenarios. Top IT companies have become more active to fulfill the growing demand of business digitization and creating apps for small and big organizations as it enables better interaction with the customers and knowing their choices.

Businesses have already started relying on subcontracting services as it helps them to end up their search for the best talents in the IT industry. They simply have to mention their requirements and rest everything is done carefully by the recruitment companies.

Major skills that are going to be in vogue in 2021

Interestingly, IT professionals were doing work from home during the worldwide lockdown and it helped them to sharpen their tech skills to a higher level. They became a better communicator and result-oriented workforce during this period.

2021 is going to see a big leap in the fields of cloud computing, artificial intelligence, UX designing, cybersecurity, blockchain, software programming, and SAP development. These skills can help to find IT jobs overseas.

  1. Cloud Computing: More organizations are switching their businesses to cloud platforms and it has increased the demand for IT professionals having a deep understanding of cloud infrastructure. They are required to be proficient in either of these cloud-based architectures- AWS, Docker, Microsoft Azure, Kubernetes, and DevOps. They should be able to create and implement a design and migrate across the different platforms with complete proficiency. Knowledge of databases, Linux, networking, web servers, APIs, and programming languages have additional benefits.
  2. Artificial Intelligence: Expertise in artificial intelligence can prove to be highly beneficial for job seekers, in the times to come. Currently, many companies show their interest in hiring Big Data engineers who are capable of working with Spark, Hive, and Hadoop systems. It is recommended to learn the programming languages like Python, SQL, Scala, and Perl.
  3. UX Designing: UX designer is expected to create a marvelous design for software and more platforms that are used for customer interaction. An awe-inspiring design can attract more audiences, so the UX designer should be a genius minded, and should be able to understand the product specifications fully as it will help him to target the user psychology rightfully. He should have familiarity with Adobe, Photoshop, Illustrator, Excel, and PowerPoint. Knowledge of HTML/CSS and JavaScript can be a privilege.
  4. Cyber Security: Cybersecurity has become a matter of great concern for all businesses, so there is a great scope for cybersecurity experts to find lucrative career opportunities in the current times. A professional is expected to have a fair understanding of Linux, Unix, and Windows operating systems. Having knowledge of programming skills like C, C++, Java, and PHP is helpful in building a career.
  5. Blockchain: Blockchain skills include database design, networking, and programming languages like C++, Java, JavaScript, Python, and Solidity. It can be a dream job for many because it helps to gain a high salary.
  6. Software Programming: There is a huge demand for programmers as they can help in various fields as mobile app development and software development. They should have a detailed knowledge of coding languages such as C++, Java, and JavaScript. Knowledge of Git, ORM, and Angular JS is also required. A software programmer should be curious to learn new technologies instantly.
  7. SAP Developers: SAP is being popularly used these days, so there is a huge demand for SAP developers having SAP certification. He should be able to implement different modules with ease.