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Top 8 Jobs in demand in Europe to get a work visa easily in 2024

Key Points on High-Demand Careers in Europe:

- The in-demand occupations in Europe are mainly related to sales and marketing, data, analytics, IT, and sustainability.

- A few professions with the highest hybrid job availability are caseworker, product analyst, underwriting analyst, and cyber security engineer.

- Top European capitals for job satisfaction include Luxembourg, Berlin, and Utrecht.

- Job skill sets are anticipated to shift by 65% worldwide by 2030


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Occupations in demand in Europe

A business and employment-focused social media platform, LinkedIn revealed that the below occupations are top-growing in Europe:

- Sales

- IT & Software

- Cyber Security

- AI

- HR

- Finance

- Engineering

- SAP Modules

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Job opportunities in Europe

The occupations with remote job opportunities include professionals like software engineering analysts and sales managers. Meanwhile, professionals with the highest hybrid job availability are caseworkers, underwriting analysts, cyber security engineers and product analysts. Depending on the occupation, the average years of experience necessary for these jobs start from 4+ to 10+ years.

Other occupations that pay well are data scientist, financial director, product manager, business development manager, and project manager. These professions are paid more than €5,000 every month across Europe.

The recent EU Report on the Quality of Life in European Cities revealed that Luxembourg and Berlin have emerged as the top two European capitals where people are most satisfied with their jobs. Many European countries have reduced their working hours.

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