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How Becoming a Green Channel Vendor Will Benefit You?


Each one of us dream of having an impeccable career. However, only few are able to achieve their dream. The major reason behind anyone living and enjoying a career they always dreamt of is - their grit to give it a shot. 


The question here to you is - Do you have what it takes to turn your dream of having a remarkable career into reality? 


We understand that despite having that do-what-it-takes energy, you might feel a little overwhelmed (of course due to the crisis in the job market as a result of COVID) to apply for that perfect job in one of the world’s tech-driven countries - Netherlands. However, we have some great news for you. 


This article will help you get over that fear and by the time you end up reading this piece (tailored for you), your doubts & fears will be long gone.


So, read on and find for yourself what it has to say!

To start 

The Dutch start-up system is the main engine of growth in the nation and it has already proved an amazing resilience to the crisis that occurred amid and after COVID-19.


As indicated by research from Techleap, Dealroom, CBRE, start-up companies have shown and still continue to show the most noteworthy job opportunities in the Netherlands. The start-up businesses in the Dutch represent 109k jobs, 25k of which were created over the recent three years. This boils down to more than 8k job openings each year. The start-up job openings have shown a growth of +8%, annually. 


Additionally, Start-up occupations are solid to disturbances (like a worldwide pandemic)

As per the Startup Genome Report published in the year 2020, more than 60% of new businesses have laid-off workers or decreased compensations. Almost 33% of occupations were cut at start-up companies. However, despite the fact that a few new businesses needed to release employees, the growth of start-up job openings showed an unbelievable resilience to the worldwide pandemic. 


During the pandemic, start-up job growth remained solid with a +4% increase, which was higher than any other area. This pattern ensured historic and verifiable consistency. In and around the time of the extraordinary recession (2008 - 2011), jobs in the "Computer Systems Design and Related Services" category were growing by 2.6% each year, while job creation in the economy was negative, at -1.2%.

Keeping it coming

It is not just these insights that show that job openings at start-ups continued to develop, even during the COVID crisis. It might feel a little strange but most of the job openings didn’t come from the rising goliaths. In fact, from organizations under 5 years of age. That is the reason we would like you to and explore job opportunities in the Netherlands apply for the best-suited ones.

Why work at a start-up

From a professional viewpoint, start-up businesses are an exceptionally intriguing spot to be. At the point, when you join a quickly developing organization, odds are, you professionally grow along with that organization. The organization progressively affects the world, hence, there are more roles & responsibilities for you to perform. This makes an intensifying impact on the grounds that the more you are pulled out of your capacity, the more you learn. Close to this, jobs in start-up are career-promising because the digital services are ever-expanding.

Why the Netherlands, and why now

The Netherlands is not only an intriguing spot to be because of its scenic beauty but the country has access to talent from across the globe. The quality of international talent is moderately high, which eventually allows you to develop your skills. Next to this, the Netherlands is home to world-class technological advances, emerging technical giants, and a bright career that awaits you.


Altogether, if you look forward to growing better, professionally & personally, the Netherlands is a decent spot to be.


Now that you have read the article, we are hoping that your fear of not finding that perfect job in the Netherlands might already have gone. 

So, are you ready to apply for your dream job in the Netherlands? 


We are here to help!