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When a business starts growing, it has to combat numerous issues pertaining to the screening of candidates, hiring, onboarding, workflow optimization, process management, data safety, and regulatory compliance. The Newforce team knows how to harness the power of MaaS SaaS to reduce HR burnouts and enhance overall efficiency.


Why Do Businesses Need SaaS HR Platform?


SaaS services are capable of carrying out automation of HR processes which in turn increases efficiency and productivity and makes it easier for the HR team to manage the processes in a much better way.


Here are some of the aspects of human resource management that can be directly impacted by Newforce SaaS Solutions:

  1. Finding the right candidates
  2. Recruitment
  3. On-boarding
  4. Statutory compliance
  5. Employee information management
  6. Tracking leave, attendance, and time
  7. Payroll processing
  8. Salary administration
  9. Managing rules and regulation
  10. Employee engagement
  11. Document management

Benefits of Using SaaS Platform


Hiring International Talents


Newforce has maintained a database of highly skilled IT professionals belonging to different geographical locations. Thus, whenever an organization contacts us for recruitment assistance, we screen the right candidates and initiate the hiring process as soon as possible. 


Efficient Employee Management


SaaS is a cloud-based software that helps to monitor the attendance of workers, calculate their working hours, analyze their productivity, and take decisive steps for better engagement of employees.


Ensuring Compliance

Compliance with local and international laws is an essential step to ensure the well-being of your company. Any negligence in following the rules and regulations can pose serious threats to an organization in terms of reputation and penalties. All the statutory changes are updated regularly on SaaS to ensure compliance.


Payroll Processing

Payroll processing for expatriates is one of the most difficult tasks for the HR team, as they have to be aware of the rules and regulations that are applicable for the different employees. This complexity can be solved easel;y with the help of SaaS software, as it would automatically implement the lawful payment processing for each employee, and save the organization from falling into any legal dispute. The calculations are done in an error-free manner, so they can’t be challenged.


Promoting Employee Self-service

Employees can sign in to the portal to update their profiles, apply for leaves, check the leave status, check their leave balance, and view their salary slips. It also enables them to see the Company’s Calendar, upcoming holidays, and events. Thus, it helps in saving a lot of time for both- the HR team as well as the employees.


Ensures Greater Accuracy

SaaS software helps in the automation of several HR processes that reduce the possibility of man-made errors. There will be no duplicate entries and no mistakes in making calculations.


Data security and privacy

Data privacy is a matter of great concern for all types of organizations. Since the entire data is stored on the cloud with proper encryption, it helps in ensuring complete safety.


The Newforce team helps organizations to use the perfect HR solutions to simplify the processes of recruitment, onboarding, compliance, performance management, and payroll. It is user-friendly, so it won’t take much time to use its different functionalities.