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Resume Tips For Targeting Overseas Job Opportunities

Everybody strives for career growth and learning opportunities. Abroad jobs help to achieve the desirable targets much more quickly. However, one should know how to write a resume for availing overseas job opportunities successfully. 


Importance of resume


Resume is one such document that helps to introduce you to the prospect employer, so it has its own significance.  It helps in solving multiple purposes, as enlisted here –


  • It outlines the relevant qualifications and skills.
  • Tells about your professional experience, and achievements. 
  • Grabs the attention of the employer, and leads to an interview.
  • Helps the organization to know about the benefits of hiring you.

What should your resume include?

1. Are you eyeing for overseas job opportunities? Here are highlighting points that helps to impress the recruiter on the international platform
2. Mention your contact details, including the phone number, email Id, Skype Id, and address for correspondence.
3. Mentioning LinkedIn profile helps in sharing more information about you.
4. Mention your previous job roles and experience. It is better to highlight your achievements.
5. Read the job description carefully and write a cover letter accordingly, as it helps the employer to know what makes you the right fit for the job.  
6. Mention academic and professional qualification in the resume.
7. Highlight tech skills and languages you know.
8. Mention about the certifications.
9. It is always recommended to insert a photo at the top of a resume.
10. Do mention if you have worked with the overseas employer in the past.
11. Your resume should be short and sharp. It should tell everything about your professional identity with clarity.
12. In the European and Asian countries, a resume should provide personal information like nationality, gender, date of birth, and marital status.
13. Mention your passport number and visa status while sharing your resume for overseas job opportunities.
14. Choose the right resume template that can help you to get shortlisted.
15. Don’t use too many colors on the resume. Keep it simple.
16. Your resume should be readable, it will be right to choose the right font.
17. Your resume should carry meaningful content. Don’t include unnecessary information just to fill the space. Pay attention to the formatting instead.
18. IT professionals may create their portfolio on vimeo or the similar platforms (if possible), and mention the link on resume. It helps to showcase their talent more attractively.
19. Don’t pretend to be too intelligent, because it might impact you negatively.
20. Be genuine, and mention the areas of expertise carefully. It will help you to face the interview confidently.  
21. Use the right file format. It is better to save your resume as PDF.
22. If you are applying for the job after a long hiatus then you should try to provide an explanation suitably. You may say that you were into freelancing and were constantly in touch with the prevailing technologies.