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Europe- A country famously known for its enthralling sights can effortlessly make anyone fall in love with itself. Many dream of living in the country and then comes those who turn their dream into reality. They do so by taking advantage of international job opportunities in Europe


When it comes to moving to Europe, some people consider applying through a student visa while others prefer to live there as a professional. There is no denying the fact that Europe offers incredibly amazing study opportunities. However, living there as a professional has its own perks. 


In this article, we will be talking about some of the most amazing reasons for you to grab a job offer in Europe. So, keep reading and know it all. 

Amazing work-life balance

One of the best things about working in Europe is that you get to sail through an amazing work-life balance. Mainly, the European countries offer an average of 4 weeks paid leave every year (excluding public holidays). 


Since the number of working hours in a day is also generous, you get to enjoy outside work activities almost every day and live life to the fullest. Thus, the international job opportunities in Europe ensure that you earn while having fun on the go. 

1. Promising career opportunities

When it comes to career opportunities, Europe offers many promising options to choose from. Be it the software industry, healthcare, or engineering sector, you can easily find a job in the industry of your choice. 


Many prominent organizations in the country are looking forward to hiring IT professionals with handsome salary packages. 


So, if you wish to make a mark in your career, apply for international job opportunities in Europe and take your career to great heights. 

2. Higher standard of living

According to the OECD Better Life Index, the quality and standard of living in Europe is generally ranked higher. The disposable income, employment rate, quality of education, and the quality of water & air are some of the factors included while calculating the ranking of quality of life. 


Europe also offers a strong sense of community and people, in general, have reported more positive experiences on average as compared to the negative ones. 

3. Social security schemes

Most European countries offer social security schemes. However, the schemes may vary from one country to another. Among all European countries, Denmark, France, and Spain offer the most generous social security schemes. 


Name of the country

Total working hours (weekly)

Average monthly salary

Holiday allowance

No. of national public holidays




25 days





25 days





20 days





28 days





22 days



This table will present a fair idea of the benefits you may expect if you choose to grab international job opportunities in Europe. 

4. World heritage sites

Besides enjoying the perks of an international career, you also get a chance to visit & enjoy some of the renowned world heritage sites in Europe. Sail through the country and make your weekends lively.


The happening culture, beautiful art, scrumptious food, and serene atmosphere will serve you like nothing else. So, besides having a promising career, you get a chance to live life to the fullest. 

To sum up,

Europe is without any doubt one of the best countries in the world. From offering promising career opportunities to amazing work-life balance, higher standard of living, great social security schemes, and ample serene sites, the country is an experience in itself. 


So, if you wish to live your best life, applying for international job opportunities in Europe can be a wise thing to do.  


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