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How Becoming a Green Channel Vendor Will Benefit You?


Newforce has been providing HR solutions to organizations for a long time. Our system is evolving continuously, and now it is empowered by the SaaS platform that is fully integrated with AI features. It enables the organizations to have better control over employee management activities. Thus, the HR team will be freed from administrative tasks and spend more time taking strategic initiatives for the betterment of the business.



  1. Maintains a database of candidates from different parts of the world. The advanced search filters help to match the job requirements provided by the organization (our client) with the candidate having the necessary skills to perform those tasks effectively. 
  2. Our team, your organization, and the candidate will be able to track the onboarding process in real-time.
  3. It helps to handle compliance issues while hiring skilled workers from other countries.
  4. It is easy to perform real-time attendance management, manage the holiday calendar and allows the employees to apply for leave.
  5. The essential parts of Payroll Management like Payroll calculation, taxes, and deductions are done automatically, in an error-free manner.
  6. AI-enabled software helps to manage administrative activities with ease.
  7. It helps in resume submission and updating the profile of the candidates.  

How Newforce Helps To Manage The Human Resource More Efficiently?


Helps In Recruitment Procedures

It enables the organizations to track the applications and smoothens the recruitment process. It has in-built email templates that help to communicate with candidates, schedule interviews, and provide follow-up.


Handling Compliance Procedures

The HR department of your organization might find it difficult to handle compliance needs while hiring expatriates. With Newforce, you don’t have to bother about complex laws and regulations, as SaaS can handle all such concerns much more easily.


Managing Employee Contracts

Using SaaS software helps in ensuring that employment contracts are signed correctly, and are properly implemented. It also helps to be compliant with local and international employment laws.


Payroll Management

Newforce SaaS Platform helps to run error-free payroll, solve taxation issues, and meet statutory norms.


Benefits Administration

Organizations can manage employee benefits administration online, and get escaped from time-consuming manual paperwork because everything will be done speedily, and more accurately.


Data Safety and Confidentiality

Since the entire data is saved in the cloud atmosphere that is password-protected, so it is safe, and it also makes it easier to protect your privacy and confidentiality.


Saves Cost

SaaS HR software has no upfront hefty costs, and it delivers what it says. It is a cloud-based HR infrastructure that is incredibly affordable as compared to on-premise software installation. It can be updated and maintained in a hassle-free manner.


Ease-of Use

SaaS HR platform is featured with user-friendliness, so the users can get adapted to it in no time.


No Manual Software Updates

It eliminates the chances of and discrepancies in the new versions, as does not require manual updates. 


Do you HR strategic planning more efficiently with Believe it, you are going to have an awesome experience!