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For the first time ever, Newforce attended the Recruitment Agency Expo on 4th and 5th of February. The Recruitment Agency Expo is the leading exhibition of the UK for recruitment agency leaders. 

It is an annual event that connects industry experts to answer and examine the challenges currently faced by the market. 

During the course of 2 days, the exhibition hosted more than 3,000 recruitment professionals and 70 guest speakers. It plays an essential part in ensuring that professionals remain well-versed with the recruitment industry.

Why Did People All Over The World Attend This Event? 

The event took place on the 4th and 5th of February 2020.  The value of internal agency subculture and imposing strategies which might be beneficial at retaining talent is what brought many to this exhibition. The communication found out the benefits of getting a focused internal recruitment process.

They covered how positive methods, which include IQ tests, could help corporations be especially selective over who they hire. The processes most normally used to sell recruitment or similar income roles have been also talked about to be probably ineffective at filtering out applicants who are surely going to want to live within this enterprise for a sustained amount of time. High at the agenda changed into providing personnel with resilience training sports and soft capabilities workshops that aren’t industry-specific.

Here Are The Glimpses Of The Event 

The event went amazing. We got a healthy response from the visitors. Along with it, we learned a lot of things from the event.  This was one of the best events we ever had. So here are glimpses of the event you miss!

Why Was Recruitment Expo London A Massive Success For Newforce? 
As it is said, networking is one of the best ways to stay on top of the latest trends in your industry. 
So, we did the same! Making engagement with candidates as well as customers personally continued to be a major part of the discussion at the event. 

What’s Next? 

As the recruitment expo went massively great, we are going to attend the same event in the month of October. We hope to make the coming event even more successful.  As we aim to help people around the world to get a high-paying job abroad. It's time for you to take action right away! 
So, if you are a candidate or a client and would like expert advice from us, we would love to help you right now!

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