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Have the ambition to work in Europe? That’s great!

Applying for overseas jobs in Europe can help you to open up a world full of new opportunities to excel professionally. It will also enable you to get accustomed to the distinguished culture and traditions of Europe. However, there are a few things that must be kept in mind before you start with the job search campaign.

Let us understand what are the prime factors that you must be aware of-


Try employment opportunities carefully

Don’t restrict yourself to certain parameters, and don’t miss any employment opportunity that comes your way. However, it is your right to check whether you are being offered a job that matches your skills and qualifications.  Secondly, check the background of your employer, if possible. 


Apply through a reliable overseas jobs consultancy

If you want to avoid inconvenience and complexities, then you must apply for overseas jobs in Europe through a trustworthy service provider. Getting registered with Newforce will help you to fulfill your dream of working in Europe with ease. It runs an active online job portal that enlists various categories of IT jobs, so you may filter the jobs as per technological skills and location.


Visa Requirements

Is tough for a non-European to get a work visa in Europe unless the employer provides you visa sponsorship legally. Newforce helps to get work permits and visas in compliance with the local as well as international laws in a hassle-free manner. 


When you relocate to a new country, your mind will be filled with innumerable questions concerning flight booking, onboarding process, accommodation facilities, and the future of your family. The Newforce team understands your concern about all such significant aspects of relocation, so it handles all these things for you. We take care that you and your family are able to reach the defined destination safely, and you are able to join your new office conveniently.

The Best Locations In Europe To Find IT Jobs

The Netherlands

  1. The Netherlands is considered to be one of the best countries in the world that values managing work-life balance.
  2. Here, you can find plenty of job openings in the IT domain. 
  3. The country is capable of attracting people with amazing beaches, tasty cuisines, as well as good air and water quality.
  4. Most of the local people can interact in German and English, so it is easy to communicate with them. 


  1. Poland is one of the most popular job destinations, as plenty of job openings are available for foreigners.
  2. Working hours are set to 40 hours per week, and overtimes are often avoided. 
  3. There are several social security and healthcare benefits that are worth noticing.
  4. Poland is a beautiful location to reside in.


  1. It’s a place where people value punctuality and discipline.
  2. The expatriates can enjoy travel connectivity and safety.
  3. Working hours are defined, and employers take care of managing your work-life balance.
  4. One must have strong German skills to work in Germany.  

There are more locations like New Zealand, Switzerland, Ireland, Belgium, Austria, and Italy that provide job opportunities for expatriates. However, you will have to learn the local language in order to survive in the European regions much more easily.