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Every individual wants to be a part of a league of highly successful professionals and it cannot be done without having specialization in a specific field. Learning SAP can help to brighten your career path with ease because SAP has been in trend for years and its popularity is not going to fade away so easily. Becoming an SAP expert can help you to avail international job opportunities in Europe as well as in other parts of the world.


What is SAP and Why is it one of the best career options?


SAP is the abbreviated form of ‘System Application and Products’ and it is the best enterprise resource planning system that has the potential to help the lesser-known organizations to turn into the best-run businesses by accelerating business processes, enhancing efficiency, increasing productivity, and creating value for customers. It also helps in cost reduction, improving supply chain management, and strengthening customer relationships.


SAP has multiple modules that have the capability of fulfilling the business and technical requirements of diverse kinds of industries, so it is highly popular in the world of technology. Thus, it is one of the best career options for those interested in the IT niche, and eager to apply for international job opportunities in Europe.


Tips To Become A successful SAP Professional


SAP is too vast as compared to the other technologies as it has numerous modules that serve different functions. It is complex but helps in yielding fruitful results, so it is worth learning.

Here are some significant tips that can help in finding lucrative jobs overseas:


Choose Your Role

SAP professionals can opt between technical and functional roles. 


Functional Consultant- A SAP functional consultant will have to understand the day-to-day business processes of an organization and transform them within the SAP system. The role of a functional consultant is to get deep insight into the varieties of business areas, including supply chain, cost, accounting, etc. and help to initiate the process of configuration in SAP.


Technical consultant- SAP technical consultant is responsible for software integration and deployment. He should be expert in development and implementation of technical specifications, integrating third-party tools or applications, troubleshooting, and maintenance. He must also be aware of industry rules and regulations, besides staying updated about the recent changes in the SAP platform. 


Choose The SAP Module


SAP has nearly 40 modules, so it is necessary to know which SAP modules are currently being used extensively, as it will help you to avail international job opportunities in Europe with ease. Secondly, you must have an affinity towards the module you are going to choose. 


Here are some of the most popular SAP modules you may opt for:


SAP Basis- for interacting with Database, Operating system, communication protocols, and other SAP modules

SAP ABAP- for Advanced Business Application Programming

SAP HANA - for High-performance Analytic Appliance

SAP FI Module – for Financial Accounting

SAP PLM- for Product LifeCycle Management

SAP HCM Module – for Human Resources

SAP MM Module – for Materials Management

SAP QM Module – for Quality Management

SAP PP Module – for Production Planning

SAP SD Module – for Sales and Distribution

SAP CO Module – for Controlling


Never Stop Learning


Technology keeps evolving, so it will be necessary to update yourself continuously. If you stop learning, your career graph will start to deteriorate. 


There can be multiple career options for SAP learners, so you may try your luck in the areas of software development, product management, sales, marketing and communication, human resource, or financial accounting. Having expertise in your field will definitely be the prerequisite to applying for international job opportunities in Europe.