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Computer Science students usually prefer to learn Java programming as it can help them to start their career in a better way. However, it can only help in getting an entry-level position but it would be necessary to gain extensive experience and add more skills in your resume to get great career opportunities, especially if you are interested in applying for high paying jobs overseas.

Why is it beneficial to learn Java programming?

Easy To Learn- It is comparatively easier than the other programming languages. A beginner can write codes and debug the software applications in a hassle free manner.

Platform Independent- It is possible for the java developer to run a specific Java program through different internet-enabled computers. Therefore, it is considered to be platform-independent, and provides great flexibility to the developers.

Object Oriented, Dynamic, and Extensible- It allows the programmers to create modular object-oriented units called classes. These classes are stored in separate files, so the programmer can load the desirable classes for adding functionalities to the program.

Ensured Security-Java has robust security features, so it allows the users to pick up a distrustful code from the web and run it fearlessly in a secure environment, because it can’t infect the host system.

What Advance Skills Can Be Beneficial For A Java Developer?

 It won’t be just sufficient to know Java. There are more technical skills that must be included in your professional experience before you start applying for suitable jobs overseas.

Here are some of the popular technical skills that should be accompanied with Java programming:

Application Development- Java is used for developing web and mobile applications. Since, the demand of mobile applications is increasing day by day, it would be better to learn mobile application development for availing better career opportunities.

Blockchain- Since Java is object-oriented, scalable, and allows portability, so the organizations prefer integrating blockchain with Java.

AWS- Java applications can run smoothly with AWS Lambda and it ensures better performance and consistency.  

Python- Java and Python compliments each other so both the languages are often used together. Those looking for jobs overseas must not ignore to adding Python as an advanced skill in their resume.

Big Data/ Hadoop- It is a bit difficult for a newbie to learn Hadoop but a Java programmer can handle Hadoop projects with greater convenience, so it will be better to get exposure to this technical skill.

Spring Boot/Microservices-  Java expert should know how to implement microservices architecture successfully, and it requires professional training.

There are more technologies like XML, XSL, JSP, JDBC, Oracle, SQL, and J2EE framework that have become much popular these days, so it will be beneficial to keep learning and updating the knowledge base regularly. You should know how to combine more than one technology to get a wonderful output while handling a complex project. It will automatically help to increase your market value, and the recruiters won’t mind paying you more than your expectations.