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There is no denying the fact that most Asians like to move to Europe in search of better career opportunities. Working abroad allows a person to expand the horizons of their learning and gain new experiences.


As much as people prefer moving abroad for better job opportunities, applying for overseas jobs in Europe can be challenging. This is because it involves cut-throat competition, complicated paperwork, and many other troublesome factors. People with enough knowledge and experience can beat the competition easily. However, it would be challenging to complete the legal documentation process for immigration. 


How about seeking the help of a reliable overseas job consultancy? It will not only help you apply for relevant jobs but also reduce the complexities of relocation. 

How Newforce has been helping the job seekers to get placed successfully?

Newforce has been constantly improving its HR system that helps both the employers and job seekers equally. We help to bridge the gap between the hirers and the best talents who wish to grab overseas jobs in Europe. 


We have many clients who post their job requirements on the Newforce website. These jobs can be seen both on the website’s job listing page and the Newforce mobile application. Thus, the candidates can apply for multiple jobs of their interest through the web portal or mobile application. 

Here’s how Newforce simplifies the employment process:


Several candidates may apply for the same job and the profile of each candidate is assessed carefully. If an application is deemed to be the right fit for the job, we forward the same to the job poster. If the associated organization finds an application worth it, it proceeds to the next step.


Scheduling of interview

The screening process is followed by scheduling an interview of a candidate with the organization. Newforce stays in touch with both the candidate and potential employers to make sure that the interview is conducted in a well-planned manner. 


A candidate is intimated about their selection or refusal by the interviewer. They can also check the status of their application by simply signing in to their Newforce account.


If a candidate is selected, she/he is requested to submit the required documents for verification. The Newforce team ensures the smooth onboarding of the selected candidates. It keeps the employer and employee in the loop while handling the onboarding process.

Mobility assistance

Newforce acts as a legal employer for the employee who is selected to work for the organization of one of its clients. We provide visa sponsorship and work permits to the employee, which is one of the most challenging processes of immigration procedures. 

Payroll and compliance

Those looking for overseas jobs in Europe are always curious to know about payroll solutions. Our system is fully capable of handling the payroll processing for all those candidates who are hired by different organizations through us. Not just this, we also ensure that tax compliance and other legal formalities are followed flawlessly.  


Newforce helps in building careers by enabling the candidates to apply for high-paying jobs in Europe. Our clients post their job openings on our website. It makes it easier for the candidates to apply for the choicest jobs through the website or mobile app.


Newforce stays responsible for screening and scheduling of interviews. It also helps in completing the onboarding process, issuing visa sponsorship, running payroll, and ensuring compliance. 


So, this is how the evolving HR system at Newforce helps a candidate apply for jobs in Europe and take their career to new heights. 


Check out the job postings and apply for the relevant ones.