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How Becoming a Green Channel Vendor Will Benefit You?

How does Dhi Newforce work?


Contracting can give many advantages over permanent work. Aside from the good earning power, each new contract gives a new challenge, new opportunities to learn and expand on present skills, and the show to work for good employers, visionaries and industry leaders intention of achieving excellence.


Dhi Newforce is an end-to-end Managed Services Provider, offering a one-stop solution to clients worldwide. We also provide solutions for your global challenges related to the onboarding of professionals.


The Process We Follow to Help You Secure Jobs Abroad.


Screening Process:

Candidates can apply for their desired positions, and their profiles are carefully assessed. If an application is deemed the right fit for the job, we forward it to the potential employer. If the associated organization finds the application worthwhile, it proceeds to the next step.


Scheduling Interviews:

Following the screening process, we proceed to schedule an interview with the organization for the candidate. Dhi Newforce stays in close communication with both the candidate and potential employers to ensure that the interview is conducted in a well-defined manner.



Candidates are notified about their selection or rejection by the interviewer. Alternatively, they can check the status of their application by signing in to their Dhi Newforce account.


Onboarding Process:

If a candidate is selected, he/she is requested to submit the required documents for verification. The Newforce team ensures a smooth onboarding process for the selected candidates, keeping both the employer and employee in the loop.


Mobility Assistance:

Newforce acts as the legal employer for the selected employee working for one of our client's organizations. We provide visa assistance and work permits, addressing one of the most challenging aspects of immigration procedures.


Payroll and Compliance:

We handle the payroll processing for all candidates hired by different organizations through us. Moreover, we ensure flawless adherence to tax compliance and other legal formalities.


Unlock Your Career: 5 Easy Steps to Get a Job 


📍 Register with Dhi Newforce through the web or app,

📍 Submit your profile and upload your updated resume,

📍 Click on the desired jobs,

📍 Apply instantly, and,

📍 Track your status.


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