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Here’s why tech professionals move to the Netherlands


If you’re looking for an IT career with excitement, prospects, and rewards, then the Netherlands is the right fit for you. With an ever-evolving tech scene that is all set to become the envy of the world, the Netherlands constantly attracts the top IT talent and now is the right time to grab the amazing opportunity.

For those of you wondering what working in the Netherlands is like and why the talented tech professionals choose to move to the Netherlands for work, let us fill in the gaps by taking you on a walk through this article.

Tech leading industry

If you wish to see yourself working in the world’s latest emerging tech industry, then you are at the right place. There is no surprise that the Netherlands is being pivoted as the growing tech capital to watch out for. 

It is leading the way in technologies including FinTech, AI, VR and nanotechnology, and much more is yet to come. The Amsterdam Science Park incubator is set to conduct major works of research and commercialisation of new technology over the coming years. 

Startup investment

If you’re longing to experience the days of rising start-ups, the Netherlands will never be a disappointment to you. To go by the fact, the government never stops investing in the start-ups in Amsterdam. This can easily give you an idea of the opportunities for research, development and tech professionals in the country. 

Whether it’s paving & broadening the way towards the days of co-working spaces or fuelling the scale-up stage following institutional investments and crowdfunding, the tech job opportunities at the beginning of emerging companies are definitely going to be vast.

Big names

If your dream is to work under a big name, then you will get plenty of options to choose from - all looking for a talented pool of tech professionals. The Netherlands is home to many IT giants, many of which have their HQs there. The native giants include TomTom,, WeTransfer, The Next Web and Philips, while Salesforce, Google, Uber, Cisco, and Amazon fall under the expats. 

The IT giants recognize the significant potential of the technological advancements in Europe and have already expanded their offices where their mouths are. This expansion has resulted in the creation of tech job opportunities across a variety of industries. And, with the top companies employing more than 70% non-Dutch employees, you get a chance to work under a big name.

Talent magnet

Whether you’re looking for a business to work with & learn, or, the one that is after your talent, the Netherlands is attracting top IT talent from across the globe and it isn’t going to stop anytime soon. 

The most in-demand IT jobs include developers, software engineers and cyber security & big data consultants. The significant pace of growth has led to an increased demand for senior IT talent, but you don’t have to worry if your skills aren’t quite there yet. This is because the strong start-up scene has ample opportunities for junior tech professionals.

Tools and self-development

Have you ever felt frustrated due to the lack of tools to get a job done? 

Well, this is not going to be the case in the Netherlands. Amsterdam is renowned for its early adoption of technology and also boasts some of Europe’s fastest broadband speeds. 

For those with a passion for professional development, the Amsterdam School of Data Science offers 335 courses & programmes, from experts in Google, Facebook and Philips. Those eager to impart their knowledge and skills to inspire the next-gen IT professionals can get involved in the countless initiatives of bringing technology to the classroom.

Handsome salaries with a low cost of living 

The perks that have already been discussed come with an added benefit of attractive salaries and a low cost of living. Thus, this is definitely a place being at the heart of it all, and the 30% tax ruling also helps if you are a high-skilled migrant (like a tech professional).

Are you ready?

Now that you know a few reasons why the tech professionals look forward to moving to and working in the Netherlands, are you all set to follow the same path?

To make your living & working in the Netherlands dream a reality, get in touch with us today & we will be of service to make your IT career Dutch. 

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