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Our generation has become so habitual of using computers and the Internet that it seems impossible to live without having such facilities in our homes, so how can the companies think of handling the complex business procedures without having a robust IT infrastructure?  It is needless to say that the network engineers act as the backbone of the corporate world in the current times. 

If you have an experience in networking then you navigate through the different kinds of job portals to find hundreds of abroad jobs in the relevant category.  Make sure that you have mentioned your strengths in your resume and you will be able to showcase them at the time of interview. It will certainly help you to secure a job opportunity in a foreign land with ease.

What Do the Network Engineers Do?

Network engineers are also named as network architects. They have to handle the following responsibilities-

  • Supervise the computer system within an organization.
  • Prepare a plan to create and manage IT networks and implement it properly.
  • Make sure that all hardware and software are functioning correctly.
  • Have to handle the sudden breakdowns as quickly as possible.
  • Make sure that wireless and wired networks are fulfilling the motive appropriately.
  • Should be able to troubleshoot the networking issues without losing time.

What Kind Of Abroad Jobs In Networking Niche Are In Demand?

1. Network and Computer Systems Administrator

The profile includes the following responsibilities-

  • Fulfilling the need of computer setup and install network hardware and software as per the requirements of an organization.
  • Make sure the networking system undergoes regular upgrades, so that the business activity never stops.
  • Ensure total security of computers and networks.
  • Monitor the IT infrastructure and troubleshoot the issues as soon as they arise.

  2.  Computer Systems Analyst

While looking for abroad jobs for Computer Systems Analyst, you will be expected to fulfill the following job responsibilities-

  • Keep yourself updated about the new technologies and evaluate them before applying.
  • Communicate and collaborate with the different teams to fulfill their varied kind of needs.
  • Understand organizational needs and design the IT networks accordingly.
  • Analyze the costs and benefits.
  • Install and test the system to ensure that it is working smoothly.
  • Provide training to the users.

3.  Computer Network Architect

A computer network architect will be expected to play the following roles-

  • Collaborate with the network administrators and engineers for setting up the network and configuration.
  • Make sure that networks are built to fulfill the bandwidth, security, and infrastructure requirements. 
  • Should analyze the need of network growth and estimate the cost.
  • Carry out scheduled network maintenance to avoid any down time.

4. Database Administrators

A database administrator will have to perform the following duties-

  • Evaluate the need of database software purchases.
  • Supervise and modify the existing software to fulfill the custom needs.
  • Maintain the integrity and security of the organization’s database.
  • Provide updates to the end users regarding the changes in databases.

5. Network Programmer

There is huge demand for network programmer who plays a significant role in multiplayer game development for the following reasons-

  • Create a library to match with the game features that requires network communication.
  • Develop server APIs for multi-player games.
  • Create tools to handle the development pipeline effectively.
  • Integrate network library in the game with the assistance of game programmers.
  • Define network/server design requirements.
  • Work continuously to improve the performance.
  • Debug programming and library issues.