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Every organization amalgamates plenty of customer data that needs to be managed and utilized properly, so they feel the need of hiring data engineers to channelize the structured and unstructured data for smooth sailing of business and earning greater profits.  In the global scenario, most of the businesses are moving to the cloud, so the demand for data engineers is never going to die, and this is the reason why we often find plenty of relevant jobs overseas

If you want to build your career as a data scientist then you must be fully aware of the emerging trends and technologies that help using the large amount of data and information for carrying out business operations swiftly, and for having better customer experience. Earning a degree will help in understanding the basics, but the actual knowledge of developing algorithms with the help of data sets can only be gained through the practical experience. A data engineer having years of experience can easily match with the artificial intelligence and machine learning trends in the tech world.

Career Path For Data Scientists Across The Globe

In the current pretext, there is no dearth of career opportunities for the experienced data engineers in the countries like the UK, US, Canada, China and India. If you watch out the reputable job portals then you can easily find multiple vacancies for data engineering jobs overseas. Europe is one of the favorite spots for the IT professionals because there is a huge demand for skilled workers in the European countries, and they get suitably paid for the different job roles. 

Here are some of the high paying job positions for a data engineer

Machine Learning Expert- Those having interest in machine learning should be well versed with the related technologies like Python, Java, Scala, and must be able to make optimal use of machine learning algorithms and statistics.

Solution Architect- a solution architect must thoroughly understand the business procedure, as he is expected to create result oriented applications for handling complex business processes with complete ease. A solution architect should be sure about the function of each module of the application and how well they interact with each other.    

Big Data Analyst – In the business world, Big data analyst plays a crucial role in decision making based on the market trends, and aids the organization to stay ahead of the competitors. Qualified Big data experts can apply for lucrative jobs overseas.

Business Analyst- Business analyst knows how to utilize data statistics and algorithms for making or modifying stakeholder or management policies within an organization. He analyses company’s data to assess customer inputs and design branding campaigns accordingly.