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Newforce SaaS HR system is cloud-based, easy to use, and capable of managing HR-related activities with complete accuracy and timeliness.  There are multiple benefits of using this uniquely designed software for talent acquisition, compliance, onboarding, and payroll management.

Here are some of the exciting features of our hi-tech platform:

  1. Enables advanced search of the most suitable candidates, as we have maintained a database of IT talents from different IT niches, belonging to different geographical locations. They are easily searchable by making use of the search filters.
  2. The organization can see all the recruitment-related activities in real-time through the personal dashboard, and track the onboarding process with ease.
  3. The SaaS software helps in fulfilling the compliance needs, as the updated rules and regulations are immediately made available on the platform. 
  4. It helps in carrying out a hassle-free employee onboarding process.
  5. It is customizable and scalable, so it suits the needs of various organizations of different sizes.
  6. Payroll management and taxation is easily handled with the help of Newforce SaaS 
  7. AI-powered software helps in fulfilling the business needs appropriately.


Prime Advantages of Using Newforce SaaS HR Platform


Nowadays, organizations like to adopt technological solutions for recruitment challenges. Thus, using SaaS can help solve the purpose of simplifying the varieties of HR-related activities.

Here are some of the remarkable advantages SaaS can offer:


Sourcing Candidates

It is a bit difficult and time-consuming to locate candidates that match the job requirements.  One has to check the profile of hundreds of candidates to find the best-suited ones. SaaS helps to speed up this process, as the candidates can be filtered skill-wise. Therefore, the screening process won’t take much time.


Scheduling Interview

The interviews can be scheduled automatically through the software, so it reduces the clumsy process of sending emails to each candidate and keeping a track of all of them separately.



All the legal formalities related to the recruitment of expatriates can be done through the SaaS platform, as it is regularly updated with all the required legal information needed for completing the compliance process accurately.  


Talent Acquisition

Talent acquisition is one of the most hectic and time-consuming HR activities. SaaS helps in finding the right fit after analyzing hundreds of profiles. Thus, it speeds up the recruitment process, and the new employee can be hired as soon as possible.


Employee Onboarding

Newforce SaaS is a magnificent software that helps to complete each step of the employee onboarding process with great care. It eliminates the need for manual data input, so everything can be managed with greater convenience.

probation tracking and so on.


Payroll and Taxation

Once the recruitment process is completed, the SaaS platform can be used for managing payroll and taxation for the employees. The HR department of an organization won’t have to bother about generating payslips and providing salaries, as everything can be done through Newforce SaaS. 

The Newforce team has years of experience in the technology field and it has been providing recruitment solutions for its clients, so theory can provide unstoppable tech support to the SaaS users. What else can be more exciting?