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In the IT world, developers are experiencing an exponential increase in the level of complexity of projects.  When we speak about containerization technology, we cannot ignore discussing the importance of Kubernetes. It is an open source container orchestration tool that is becoming highly popular these days. Those looking for overseas job opportunities from India would know that Kubernetes is trending in the job market. Therefore, it will be advisable to get adapted to the prevailing technology, as it would help in providing a boost to your career.  

Why is Kubernetes becoming so popular now-a-days?

Those associated with the IT field must have noticed that job postings for software developers are usually associated with Kubernetes.

Here are few points that make it highly popular in the current scenario-

1.   No Extra cost

It is an open source platform, so it is preferred orchestration tools for the developers. Kunbernetes is implemented to boost productivity. It provides reliable solutions for reducing cloud complexities.

2.   Multi-cloud capability

Since Kubernetes is portable, it can host workloads across multiple clouds. It can scale its environment while migrating to another cloud, which makes it the favorite tool for the developers. No wonder, it is easier for Kubernetes experts to find overseas job opportunities in Europe and several other locations across the globe.

3.   Can be used with other cloud-native tools

Kubernetes can be combined with the other tools over the cloud to simplify workflow and save time. It improves the performance of employees, which is beneficial for the organization.

4.   Portable and flexible

Kubernetes can work with different types of underlying cloud infrastructure, no matter whether it is a private cloud, public cloud, or a local server.  This makes it highly portable and flexible, as compared to the other orchestration tools.

Stay informed about the related technologies to gain sure shot success

Software developers have to learn new skills and languages to match with the technological advancements, as it helps them to become more competent.  However, it is necessary to recognize the fast-growing tech skills in order to get better career opportunities.

Here are some of the related technological skills that can help in availing overseas job opportunities with ease-

  •         Knowledge of DevOps, Docker and rkt helps in finding better career options.
  •         Several job descriptions include Python, AWS, Ansible, PERL, Ruby, Terraform, and bash Shell as essential skills for Kubernetes developers.
  •         Experience of Linux based system administration also helps getting placed successfully.
  •         Excellence in CI/CD using Jenkins and Bamboo will also be required.

Kubernetes experts are earning well all around the world. Therefore, the software developers should learn its core concepts and learn how to deploy applications to Kubernetes. Ability to manage cluster operations is equally important. If you are willing to brighten your career prospects then you should not hesitate in handling Kubernetes projects because the more you become experienced, the more you are likely to find overseas job opportunities at the choicest locations.


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