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7 Things to Know Before You Work Abroad in 2020

Most of the people find it favorable to IT jobs abroad. Everybody wants to boost their career and working abroad is the best option for most people. This might be because they get a chance to explore the world.

So, there are a few things that need to be considered before you step out of your country and enjoy the beauty of the world. 

Learn the Native Language 

When you go to a foreign country to work with the help of top recruitment agencies in Europe, it is important that you know the native language. Not only will knowing the language improve your quality of living while you are working abroad, but it can also help make your job easier.

If the language is different from yours, you will need to invest time in a foreign language program or use language learning software. One thing many people ignore when they get a job out of their country is language differences in English speaking countries. Even if the language basics are the same, the nuisances of the language differ from country to country.

Take the time to learn a new language. This can help you avoid confusion and it will limit the likelihood you will offend someone should things get lost in translation.


You need to have insurance no matter what. 

This is because if some mishappening happens or in case, you have to see a doctor, you will have to pay for it in a foreign country. This is a shock for people who have lived in the UK because they just expect to be covered by the NHS no matter where they are in the world. 

So, having insurance will cover your loss of earnings, medical bills, and even loss of property. 

You need to take care when choosing your travel insurance because some policies will only cover you if you work, for 90 days. 

Therefore, you might have to find an insurance company that will cover you for longer and you might have to pay more for it. Most policies will only cover for bar work or teaching positions. 

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Working Permit

If you are going abroad for work, you will need to get work permits. If you are found to be working without a permit, you could face prosecution and even jail in a foreign country. 

IT jobs abroad

In countries like the USA and Australia, you will need a 1-year work permit to work. 

If you want to attend school and you want to work at the same time, some countries will allow you to work on a student visa as long as you are working on the college campus.


It is best that you have the contact details for some lawyers before you travel. This is just so you can watch your own back and you don’t get yourself stuck in situations without the ability to have the correct legal advice. 

If you are working in an IT company, then have a law firm that specializes in accidents, illnesses, and other things when working abroad.

Learn the Culture

Find out about local customs, local food, and social opportunities. This will help you integrate better into your new environment.

It is important to remember your personal needs in addition to your professional needs. This will ensure your happiness while you are working abroad.

Business Etiquette

Although many businesses operate internationally business etiquette varies from country to country.

If you are going to be in a foreign work environment on a day to day basis, try to make your transition as smooth as possible. 

There are a number of books and websites that can be of use when you are trying to learn the business etiquette for another country.

Get Situated

If you are going to be living abroad for some time you will need to be comfortable in your new environment. Make sure you have a comfortable place to live and that you have the necessary comforts of home.

Ship your household items with enough time so you have them when you arrive. Get situated in your new environment before you need to work.