Ways to Tackle the Impact of COVID on Labor in Europe

Coronavirus has ruined life worldwide. The globe where people earlier faced discrimination based on caste, religion, or their working life is now fighting this pandemic situation together. COVID-19 is not affecting lives but has pushed the global economy towards vulnerability too. All the leading sectors including private, public, and social ones are facing a downfall in economic growth and people are losing their jobs.

Where digitization saved a lot of jobs, the labor sector is the one affected the most with no food, no job, and no safety facilities. With the unlocking of lockdown and working on economic growth, it is also important to revitalize the labor markets and improve their living in this pandemic. 

The restrictions on transportation are impacting almost every sector affecting the workers as well as the clients. Laborers are out of work, finding it difficult to feed their family, unable to move to their hometown, and keep their rental livelihood. This is quite devastating and sad.

So, let us talk about some effective strategies and practices that when put in place by the government of Europe or other countries can lead to the betterment of the labor sector. Let’s get started then. 

1. Reduce Fiscal Restraints

Many gig workers, small vendors, and daily wagers have lost their incomes. Work from home and digitization is not the solution for them to rely on for their survival. Here, the government needs to focus less on increasing monetary limits and must use the finances to help, grow, stabilize, and recover physically and economically in this pandemic. 

2. Think About Business of Every Stage

Obviously, every business is looking for funds to survive in the market but people of every stage are important to take into consideration. The government must set a ban on loans and can help small startups and medium businesses with low-interest rates funding. Once, the pandemic is over, the government of every country can find ways to create more jobs and increase the financial growth of the country as well. 

3. Put in Place the Digitization to Help Wagers

Yes, laborers got harmed the most as they have no food, shelter, and money amid lockdown. Here, the government can help businesses, projects, and daily wagers with providing the daily subsidies into their accounts via digital modes of payments. This ensures the largest number of laborers have income sources, records are there with the government, and further help can reach to them now and in the future too. Also, public or private businesses can easily keep up the labor at the time of a money crisis.

4. Enable Access to All Safety Facilities

Universal access to security and safety facilities is the right of every citizen. Maternity, healthcare, pension, disability, and other benefits are for all the workers. But the COVID-19 is underscoring the healthcare sector and such advantages can make the life of every individual less stressful in such a pandemic scenario. 

5. Define and Refine Labor Laws and Rules

The labor law and rules are pre-defined into various codes in many countries but those rules need refining for the betterment of all the daily-wages in this pandemic situation. The labor codes can help in defining the betterment of workers as well as the business in terms of finances. Isn’t it great!


Every sector is facing downfall and education is still the worst-hit. We can not overlook the focus the education system requires. These require greater funding and digital assistance to help children who are losing out of education and are lacking in digital education assistance. Besides all this, the labor shortage is affecting productions and business losses in various aspects. Loading and unloading of production material have also become difficult further disturbing the economy as a whole. 

So, counting on all these views and tips, the government can create a view of jobs that are more at risk and what measures can help people and that specific industry fight the scenario. This assessment can also help the labor by increasing the job opportunities for them. Isn’t it great!
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