Tips to Boost Job Search Success: Job Seekers

As a job seeker, it is important that you keep everything at the place at all times and ready when anyone asks for them. During a bad economy, this only makes matters worse for your job search because work opportunities shrink visibly.

So, if you are looking for a job change, here are some effective points which will help you in your job search.

Update your resume

This may seem a very basic requirement when one starts to look for a new job but it is the most important one. Many times in a hurry to post the resume in the job sites candidates do a fast revamp of their resumes. 

Though a tedious task, when you are looking for a new job you should make time and list out the roles and responsibilities that you had handled in your present job. 

Many a times the most regular activities that a person handles is on the topmost of their head but they tend to forget the activities which they may have handled once or had taken over from a teammate as an ad-hoc arrangement. 

Recall all those activities to give a boost to your profile.

Include keywords in your resume

When you are updating your resume keep in mind to incorporate the keyword in your resume and in your job portal account. This will help in your resume being pulled out of the hundreds who might be relevant for the job opening. 

Also, many companies have an automated system of screening profiles hence use the keyword for your job profile.

Update regularly on Job Portals

When a recruiter or an HR consultant looks at your portal account he can also see the last time that you had last visited your account or last updated it. 

A regular visitor or a candidate who is regularly updating his/ her account is perceived as a candidate who is actively looking out for a change and will be negotiable about his notice period/joining date etc. 

So even if it is just to log in for five minutes, do it.

job seekers

Get in touch with the HR

If there is a posting that you have come across through a job portal; don’t just apply through the job portal. Check out if there is any email address given for the posting. Then send your resume through a personalized mail. This way you may stand out from the mass of candidates who would have replied for the posting. 

If there is a telephone number mentioned there is no harm in talking to the recruiter directly and get to know about the job vacancy or even build a rapport for any further relevant job openings suitable to your job profile.

Look into your network

If there is a job vacancy that you may have heard about in a particular organization; try to figure out if you know anyone who is working in that company. 

Nowadays there are job vacancies which the HR team circulates to all its employees so that they can refer their friends for any openings. 

Another way is to let your friends know that you are looking for a change and send them your resume so that they can update it into their company job portal.