Post Covid Workplace-Will The World Change Forever?

Covid-19 pandemic is going to be enlisted as one of the most devastating episodes in medical history that has impacted the lives of people in almost all parts of the world. It is undoubtedly a traumatic experience for the majority of individuals belonging to the different social circles. While the world is getting adapted with the new normal, many organizations are still struggling to retain their financial health in these hard times.  They now prefer to seek the help of subcontracting services rather than hiring the regular employees. It can be seen as an advantage for the experienced IT specialists who are eager to find abroad jobs in Europe. They can upload their resume on the relevant job portals or register themselves with the subcontracting service provider as it will enable them to apply for multiple jobs related to their area of expertise.

How The Workplace Culture Is Going To Change In The Future?

Remote Working/ Work From Home: Since, the employees were unable to reach their respective offices during a prolonged lockdown caused due to Covid-19 pandemic, so most of the organizations initiated ‘work from home’ culture for their employees. It has now become a trend, and many offshore companies prefer to hire the remote workers belonging to the different geographical locations. This is a unique employee-employer relationship that is going to exist for a long time now. Therefore, we can see a sudden surge in the number abroad jobs being published on the various job portals.

Cost Cutting: Remote working saves the cost of developing IT infrastructure for the new employees or contract workers, because they will be utilizing their own internet connectivity, computer sets, software, and hardware.

Virtual Meetings With Clients: It has now become a trend to carry out virtual meetings with the clients, and it is time saving practice. The client can contact the key person to discuss his specific requirements or have discussions with the IT professionals who are going to work on the assigned project. It becomes easier to notice the change in requirements, and modify the plans accordingly.

Virtual Meetings With Coworkers: When multiple employees are supposed to work on a single project, they need to collaborate with each other to achieve their goals successfully.  Since, all the concerned persons are living apart and doing remote work, so they tend to use messenger apps such as Zoom, WhatsApp, Google Meet, or Skype to conduct virtual meetings. It helps in goal setting and deciding a time frame for all types of projects with ease. It also helps to simplify the management procedure.

Greater Flexibility: Idea of remote working is proving advantageous for organizations and its workers, because it helps to provide more flexibility, better quality, and higher rate of productivity. The workers can spend quality time with the family and meet the loved ones without compromising with their work, and it provides a great mental satisfaction that reflects in the quality of job done.

Reduced Cost of Travel: Since all organizations are becoming dependent on the cloud infrastructure, it becomes unnecessary to do business tours on the regular basis. The companies can showcase their expertise to the potential customers over the web and have detailed discussions by using their Smartphone. It has impacted business development and marketing scenarios to a great extent. People avoid traveling across the different locations unless it is absolutely necessary.