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How to Select and Hire the Best Job Candidate in 2020

Have you scoured a wide array of resumes and scheduled the interviews? Not a cumbersome job but what about choosing the right fit for your team. 

Want to save yourself from making the wrong decision? Although there is a wide range of subcontracting services in India, we have come up with some exciting tips that can make you sure with your approach of evaluating the candidates rightly while the selection and hiring process. 

Tips to Select The Best Candidate

1. Consider Their Body Language

The body movement, gestures, eye contact, handshakes, and more give the best clues about the body language of the candidate. The recruiter can have an eye on the candidate’s body language and get insights into their current feelings, how keen interest they have in the job opportunity, and what type of personality they hold. 

2. Focus on Experience, Skills, and Accomplishments

Whenever you ask a candidate about their work experience, skills, and accomplishments, consider their situation, action, target, and results they achieved. This is a great way to gather information about their past accomplishments and evaluate if they would be the best fit for the role. 

3. Evaluate Their Communication Skills and Attitude

Ask them queries like how they handled the deadlines, workload, shifts, and more in their past organization. Find if they are a quick learner as the roles and responsibilities of every new employee include quick-learning. 

Once the interview procedure is over, ask if the candidate is worth it, interested in counting on new job opportunities, and is the right fit for your organization. Ensure you consider candidates beyond their skills and experience on papers.  

How to Hire Best Job Candidate

1. Issue Them a Written Offer Letter

The letter should be provided by the supervisor who will be responsible for joining the new candidate. 

i) In the letter, the gratefulness should be conveyed regarding joining the employee. 

ii) Specify all the amount of details with offerings. 

iii) Include benefits, perks, and other advantages.

iv) Include the undertaking that candidate can agree to and sign.

v) Mention yearly leaves, bonuses, and probation period. 

2. Provide the Letters to Those Too Who Did Not Get Selected

A candidate expects a job but if they do not find the best fit then they at least deserve a ‘thank you’ letter including an appreciation for investing their time in opportunity. Give them feedback about their role and where they lacked in meeting the specifications. Also, if you want to retain the specific candidate for future opening then specify the same in the letter to keep them motivated. 

However, if you find no suitable candidate out of all the scheduled ones then follow the below tips:

i) Reconfigure the role, requirements, skills, and responsibilities that are similar and match the nature of an individual too. 

ii) Count on the candidate who is willing to enhance their skills and join training to polish their knowledge. 

iii) Re-advertise the role and seek assistance for Senior HR Professional.

iv) You can also hire the consultant for filling the post if you have other hiring responsibilities. 

So, these are some of the exciting tips and tricks that every dedicated professional must count on for better candidate selection and hiring. Pay attention to every single detailing and make the year 2020 the best for you and the deserving job seekers.

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