Combating Recruitment Challenges In The Current Times


COVID 19 pandemic has hit the businesses badly, and we can see the effect on every aspect of workflow. Most of the companies are trying to get back to track after facing a recession phase during the pandemic. They are now ready to hire new employees who can join the office or work remotely, as per the special requirements. However, it is not as easy as it sounds. However, it is not as easy as it sounds. However, overseas job agencies can help the companies to overcome the recruitment challenges with ease.

What are the common difficulties often faced by the employers?

  • Building a brand name that can attract job seekers:- Majority of job hunters like to consider the brand name of the recruiter before sending the application for a certain job vacancy. If you want to attract the talent pool then you will have to prove your trustworthiness, otherwise, the eligible candidates won’t show interest in the job vacancies posted by you. Elite category of people likes to accept the job offers from the companies having a high reputation.
  • Writing the job post carefully:- Every company has a different work culture, so it becomes necessary for the recruiter to hire the professionals who will be able to handle the workload with utmost proficiency. Therefore, they should be able to pen down the job post depending on the exact requirements.  It includes the qualification and experience of the candidate that can be fitted into the desirable role within the organization.
  • Finding the right candidate for the right position:- One should be aware of the different channels being commonly used by job seekers and publish the job vacancies on the reliable platforms. Many companies also like leveraging the power of social media for hiring the right candidate at the time of need.
  • Screening the eligible candidates and conducting interviews:- Publishing job ads is just not enough, because the human resource department has to shortlist the candidates and conduct interviews remotely. Obviously, the technical round has to be conducted with utmost care and safety. It is not always possible for the employer or job seeker to be physically present in the office during the interview and it is the toughest part of recruitment during the pandemic.
  • Hiring remote workers is yet another headache:- Since, the companies are compelled to follow the necessary measures of social distancing and healthcare, so they avoid crowding the office in the current scenario. It is a bit difficult to hire the remote workers and keep in sync with them.  It cannot be done without using advanced information technology. 
  • Ensuring candidate’s experience and expertise:- It is not easy to evaluate the expertise of a job seeker without providing him a congenial environment in which he can work according to the specific instructions provided by the team leader. When the interviews are conducted remotely, the team leader has to use his wit to be able to choose the right person without fail.
  • Evaluating the performance and training the new joinee:- When the hiring process is completed, the second most challenging part is to evaluate the performance of the new employee.  Many times, they have to be trained for a certain task, and it has actually become difficult in the current times.