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Knowledge of data technology helps you to have a fascinating career journey in the current times, as there is a huge demand for data scientists all around the world.  It has become easier to find overseas jobs in Europe for data analytics and data engineering profiles.

Essential technologies related to data science

Apache Spark and Apache Hadoop- While Apache Spark solves the purpose of data processing, Apache Hadoop is a kind of software library that helps in distributed processing of massive amounts of distributed data by using simple programming models. A data scientist has to be familiar with both these software frameworks.

AWS & Redshift- These are the data warehousing applications that help in using scalable and reliable cloud computing services.

AmazonS3 & HDFS- Both of them are used for storing unlimited amounts of data that can be accessed anytime, from anywhere. A data scientist cannot be ignorant of their significance for conducting big data analytics and for various other purposes like application services and implementing IoT.  

C++- It is the most powerful programming language that is used for computing big data sets without having predefined algorithms.

Azure- It is a prominent part of cloud technology that helps the data scientists to create large scale data analytics systems. Specialization in all these technologies and skills can help you to get high paying jobs overseas.

Kafka- Kafka is used for handling real-time data feeds, and it is often used for building real-time streaming apps.

Additional Skills

  • Familiarity with database systems like SQL and NoSQL helps in manipulating database management systems (DBMS) for storing and retrieval of data and information.
  • Knowledge of programming languages like Python, Java and Scala helps in statistical analysis and data modeling will help to avail overseas job opportunities successfully.
  • Data scientists have to be focused on data filtration and optimization, so they should have the basic knowledge of algorithms and data structures.  
  • Data warehousing is one of the essential aspects of data science, as it helps in harnessing the power of data storage tools. 
  • Expertise in using ETL tools helps the data scientists to extract the data from source, analyze it, and store it in a data warehouse safely. Such data can be used for meeting business requirements intelligently.
  • Basic knowledge of machine learning helps the data scientists to make accurate predictions through the available data.

Tips To Find Relevant Jobs Overseas  

  • There are different types of courses that can help you to become an ace data scientist. Join an accredited program in order to secure your position for data scientist jobs overseas.
  • Choose the area of specialization, as it would help you to show your potential and earn appreciation.
  • Focus on earning practical knowledge and don’t just stick to the theory. 
  • Sharpen your communication skills because it helps at every step of career building.
  • Find the right resources to apply for overseas job opportunities, and make sure that you are able to get a visa and work permit timely. Unnecessary delay might cost you heavily.