6 Trending Job Prospecting Sources for Finding Candidates in Europe

Every professional and dedicated recruiter makes their way to finding the right candidates – making through various ups and downs. But the time and effort can be saved and invested in better prospecting. 

Want to know how?

While references and recommendations are evergreen, exploring online sources can help every recruiter reach the great candidates and assure them with the best career opportunities. 

Although the job prospecting isn’t easy, results for effort are fruitful and huge. Implementing the proactive recruiting approach attracts and connects with potential candidates through careers page, job boards, overseas job portal, and more. 

Want to know more?

So, let us take you on a tour to diverse prospecting sources to find the candidates and get started with them.


Every social media platform is perfect to remain updated with the latest trends and happenings. Here, Twitter can act as a fruitful source but only if an individual recruiter invests more than required efforts in it. Create a recruiter profile, add the required information like company name, job profile, and create connections. 

Following the similar industry individuals and increasing the followers helps to reach better and desirable candidates. Tweet every single day with motivational posts and job openings. Here, you might not get enough likes or comments but will increase engagement with the time. Twitter at the end will bring passionate candidates to your in-house team. 


LinkedIn is trending as the best social networking source to build trust as an employee and recruiter. However, it is very vital to make use of LinkedIn potentially. You can search for the candidate by past company, location, and other search filters. 

It’s the best source to keep track of job seekers, potential candidates, and reach the best profile with impressive skills. Furthermore, the messaging feature makes connections and conversations better. 

Job Board Database

Job boards are used by actively recruiting recruiters to connect with active job seekers. However, such platforms allow the candidates too to upload their resumes and make themselves available to active recruiters. Further, prospecting through job boards can be both fruitful and a miss. Many candidates update the profile and never bother once they get hired. Here, recruiters might put their efforts gathering data of inactive job seekers and connecting to them. So, ensure the database includes information on active job-seeking candidates only. 

You can contact them via email or phone number provided in the resumes.

Professional Networking Events

While social media platforms and job portals are trending the most for the recruitment process, investing in networking events is still beneficial in getting connected with talented candidates. Various sites like Eventbrite and more give the chance to talk with experienced or non-experienced professionals and find if they are open for opportunities. 

If a candidate is happy with their current organization, then still, you can exchange the LinkedIn profiles or business cards for future connections. 

Professional Communities

Every technical or non-technical professional has their groups and communities where they share thoughts and exchange ideas. This is the place where recruiters can find the candidates, learn about their skills, and carry on with job-related conversations. No matter if you need a remotely working candidate or join your in-house team, avoiding overlooking professional communities might get you connected with the right talent. 


Talented professionals who look for ultimate opportunities do not apply for the roles. Here, the recruiter needs to search such talents and reach them with the openings they might be interested in. Such talents are mostly found through recommendations. So having a group of HR in connection can help reach out to such candidates when you are unable to recruit through any other means. 

Finding the right talent is the need of every recruiter, no matter the requirement is national or international. Many companies understand the need for active recruiting, so you keep in mind the same and equip yourself with all the credible job prospecting sources to find the best hire before the competitor reaches there. 

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