3 Ideas to Turn Declined Candidates Into Fans

Nothing can be more overwhelming than getting rejected for the job you craved for. Many candidates find themselves out of the job race because of poor application, lack of knowledge, their areas of expertise, and more. 

Many companies think providing the feedback to candidates is the only duty but they need to understand the significance of decent rejection. The harsh rejection leads to disappointment, job insecurity, and much more that can hit the recruiting company in various aspects.

Now, the question comes of how you can turn a rejected candidate into your fan delivering the best candidate experience ever. Let us take a dig into distinct ideas shared below that can help you make the candidates less-disappointed even after their candidature rejection.

  1. Deliver the Decent Feedback

With the huge growth in population across the globe, the demand for jobs arises every single hour. Such competition leads to failure of some candidates and others achieving success. Although success and failure are a part of life, everybody must seek lessons from these two.

Every company must focus on great candidate experience and treat the candidate the way they serve their customers. The idea is the same but implementation is different. Want to know? Let’s begin

  1. i) Never overlook any candidate: The recruitment process goes on until the candidate signs the offer. Ensure you provide the candidate with time-to-time information about the recruitment procedure. You must provide the feedback too in a decent manner, whether it is positive feedback or negative output. 
  2. ii) Provide reason for acceptance or rejection: Always take your time, use a streamlined approach, and provide the feedback with an explanation about what you liked in the candidate or why you can not proceed further with their candidature. You can use templates also to share your experience with candidates and wish them good luck for their future success.

Apart from all this, you can suggest distinct certified courses and training to enhance their skills and knowledge. All in all, the key to success is putting effort into learning. Share Some Gifts in Return to Their Invested Time

It can be a great idea to give the candidates some discounts or vouchers to buy your products or services. This might not make them happy but can leave a good impression as a recruiter. Such discounts can be a sales-driven strategy too along with the genuine gesture. 

The studies show that every interviewee expects feedback after the interview process is over. Furthermore, delivering constructive interview feedback makes rejected vendors to consider the specific company for future jobs too. 

Be clear and concise with the feedback and explain to them their areas of win and where they need more focus. This will help them prepare themselves for upcoming job opportunities and make them remember your helpful feedback.  

  1. Gather Feedback and Encourage Them to Connect on Social Media

The recruitment procedure is two-way communication. Gathering the information and providing the feedback is vital at both the ends. You can offer various resources where they can find the jobs of their expertise. You can inform them what a recruiter looks for in a candidate and their profile.

Besides all this, you should also gather feedback from the candidate. The company can create Google docs for saving the recruitment process feedback and improve the same if required. It will also depict that you care for the candidate. A candidate experience survey can help them in knowing their specific areas of knowledge that need improvement. Isn’t it great!

Also, Glassdoor reviews and asking for feedback on the phone can make a company look exactly for their areas of improvement in their recruitment process.

Another best way to deliver the feedback with positivity is to connect with the candidates on social media. Many companies ask the vendors to follow their social media, but the right and thoughtful way to turn the rejected candidates into fans is to approach them from the front.


So, if you want the rejected candidates to be the fans of your company, consider these inspiring ideas throughout the whole recruitment procedure. Treat the candidates in a positive manner, help them improve their candidature, and motivate them to grow. Improve the overall candidate experience and help them find the right job fit for them. See yourself as a candidate and provide them the way you will expect from a recruiter. Counting on all these ideas can turn the declined candidates into fans with increased brand reputation.  

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