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Candidates/ Contract Seekers:-

Contracting can give many advantages over permanent work. Aside from the good earning power, each new contract give a new challenge, new opportunities to learn and expand on present skills, the show to work for good employers, visionaries and industry leaders intention on achieving excellence.

Newforceltd introduces experienced and highly skilled contractors to few of the most successful recruitment agencies and employers in the UK and around the world. Newforceltd will also give you access to the biggest quality contractors bases. From the SMEs to multinational giants, our advanced contractor search and large contractor databases representing different disciplines will enable you to source the talent you need quickly. With over decades of contracting experience, there should probably be no situation we have not come over or no question we have not already answered.

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Newforceltd will allow you to access the largest database of contractor’s available, professionals who get at your industry, the professionals with qualifications, skills and experience you require.

We have a range of ultimate solutions if you are a multinational global recruitment agency or a start-up trying to venture into the world of recruiting. Newforceltd Contract Jobs offers products from rapid job postings to customized solutions that can separate you from the masses. We give personalized and bespoke solutions for both our clients and our candidates.

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Valuable Professional Employees

We are aware that the extraordinary success of our company is due to the high motivation and dedication of our employees. That’s why we feel a particular commitment to them. We are proud that numerous of our employees have been part of the company for years when the company was founded. Become part of our team!

Individual Career

Each career is as individual as the person behind it. That’s why, together with each of our employees, we develop a personal career model that incorporates job profile, specific skills, responsibilities, and personal goals. By Means of regular feedback and discussions, we’re able to help special strengths and interests.

Team Spirit

Business success is a team effort and it is not measured in numbers only. That’s why we focus on a holistic proceeding that honors and promotes not only technical components, but also the social skills of our employees. Flat hierarchies and a collegial working atmosphere Make certain of creative working conditions and give space for development.

Expand perspectives

Above all, the interdisciplinary exchange is key to us. Each team member benefits from the knowledge of others. For this reason, we do not only see in-house meetings as a platform for presenting customer projects and discussing sales promotions or marketing strategies. Above all, they give the opportunity for professional dialogue.

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